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Anshuman Vyas

Rio Olympic 2016 Updates - Michael Phelps & Katie Ledecky

Rio Olympic 2016 Day 2

The second day of Olympics schedule gave much needed wins. Michael Phelps, United States swimmer added a 19th gold medal to his wall on Sunday night. When Michael Phelps swam second leg in 4×100 meter freestyle relay, with 47.12 split, it gave the United States a lead om the board.

In his fifth Olympics Michael has achieved a total of 23 medals, and we are still on count. His eyes glistened a little but no tears came out, after all he has done it several times before. This will be the first medal his son Boomer will see, even though he will not remember as he is just three months old.

Michael Phelps did it again. Wins gold.

“It felt good to get, after my last 400 free relay of my career, this thing around my neck, feels good to get it back.”  said Phelps.

Katie Ledecky wins Gold. 

Katie Ledecky, 19 year old Swimmer from America. The most dominating participant in the swimming, before coming to Rio she holds the world records for 400, 800 and 1500 metre freestyle swimming.

On Sunday night she did it again by breaking her own record by 2 seconds. Katie Lendecky secured her first gold medal of the season. Katie completed the challenge in 3:56.46 which was followed by Jazz Carlin from Britain and Leah Smith of America.

It should be noted that they all were five seconds behind her. On Saturday night Katie claimed a silver medal in women's 4×100 free relay. Including both a silver and a gold, Katie now holds two medals from the current season.

Katie will swim individually in 200 and 800 freestyle. If she wins 200 and 800 metres freestyle, Katie will become first women Olympian to win three gold medals in a single season. Last time Debbie Meyer did this in 1968.

22- time medalist Michael Phelps said- “You can tell she is very goal-oriented, and for me it brought me back to kind of what I was like way, way, way back in the day”

“Every time she gets in the water, it’s like a world record. So she is improving so much and I think she is just trying to push that barrier, and I think it’s pretty exciting to watch her do that.”

Kosov, new country to the games. Wins first gold. 

The new participant in the games. It's been just two days since the country is introduced to the games and Kosovo has already won a gold. In 52 Kilogram weight class women's, Mejlinda Kelmendi won her first ever gold medal for the country. 

Mejlinda defeated Japan's Misato Nakamura in semi's and won the championship by defeating Odette Giuffrida of Italy in the finals. Mejlinda has previously competed in the games for neighbour country Albania. But this is the first time she won a medal.

Kosovo fought a war with Serbia and the nation was declared Independent in 2008. Earlier the nation was not recognized by the International Olympic Comitee   untill 2014. Where as South Sudan was declared Independent in 2011. 

Anshuman Vyas

Anshuman Vyas