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Rio Olympics 2016 Schedule, Games, Opening Ceremony

The international-multi sport tournament 2016 Rio Olympics which are going to take place in Rio de janerio from August 5 to August 21 are all set to knock on the door.

Tournament will held in the four different parts of the nation including Copacabana, which is famous for in worldwide for its beaches and will host the beach Volleyball competitions, Barra, Peodora which will be used for Aquatics and Maracana, which will be used for the two large stadiums.

Athletes in Rio Olympics 2016:

10,500 athletes from 206 countries will be present to take participation in the legendary tournament.

Number of Games in Olympics 2016:

28 Olympic games will be played at the tournament which consists of Rugby seven and Golf too. The hosting nation will become the first nation in South America to organize Summer Olympics.

Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony: 

logo of Olympics 2016
Opening Ceremony will be organized on the evening of 5th August at the grand Maracana stadium, Rio. The ceremony will start at 20:00 BRT.

"Ceremony will be a vision of the country and what I hope it will become" said Fernando Merillus. As stated by some officials, the ceremony will a great combination of the formal ceremonials with an artistic taste of the hosting nation, to show the culture of the country. Tickets for Olympics 2016 for the ceremony will be vary according to the sitting location in the stadium.

Rio 2016 Tickets

Tickets: 7.5 million tickets are being produced, with prices ranging from $40 to $3000. Swimming games are likely to go on for a cheap rate tickets, heading high fare for the very popular games like Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Handball which will be likely to go on sale for around $3000.

Most popular / Best Games of Rio Olympics 2016:

Basketball Rio Olympics: Most popular game during the tournament Basketball will held from 6 to 21 August 2016. Knockouts matches will be played inside hall of the Olympic training center. The center holds the capacity to host over 16000 guests.

Rio Olympics 2016 Football: Football is again a game which will be loved during the tournament. People of Brazil has an amazing spirit and love for the game. Affiliated teams may participate in the tournament. It should be noted that Men's team has given a age restriction of 23 players with maximum of three overage players whereas the Women's team has not given any restriction.

Volleyball Olympics 2016: Volleyball games will be played from 6 August to 21 August. A total of 386 Athletes will take part from 24 teams and 48 beach Volleyball teams. Brazil has its own craze for beach volleyball because of some of the best beaches in the world. Off beach competitions will take place at Ginasio in Maracana. The beach volleyball will be played at Copa cabana beach.

Handball Rio Olympics: Handball is another game which will me loved the most in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Games will be played from 6 August to 21 August. Handball Games will be hosted at Future Arena in Barra Olympic Park.

Rio Olympics 2016 Schedule:

2016 Rio Olympics will be officially start on 5th August 2016, the historic Maracana stadium will witness the opening Ceremony. Whereas the football tournament will start two days earlier due to reasons. The day after the opening ceremony i.e. on 6th, the games will come in its volume. The organizers had issued a schedule online of the 2016 Rio Olympics, which can be seen here:
The Rio 2016 video shows the zmpetition zones and sports that are part of Rio 2016 Olympic games.

Rio Olympics Flame:

Olympic Flame: The traditional mark of the Olympic, the Olympic flame will visit a total number of 83 cities of the country which includes of the 26 state capitals, the flame will also pass by the 500 towns in which 300 towns will host the flame and another 200 will see it pass by the town. It is estimated that the flame will reach an static of 90% of the Brazils population.

The flame will reach on 5th of August at the Maracana stadium, where the last torchbearer will shine up the Olympic cauldron.

Olympics Closing Ceremony:

Closing Ceremony: Closing Ceremony of the tournament will take place on the evening of 21 August. The Ceremony will held at the Grand Maracanaa  stadium, the Ceremony will start at 20:00 BRT. The grand Ceremony will include the Closing speech, Parade of nations, Hoisting of flags and Extinguishing of the Olympic Flame. At last the National Anthem of Greece; the birthplace of Olympic, Brazil; the hoisting nation and Japan; the upcoming Olympic hosts will be sung.

Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony Tickets:

The cost of the Closing Ceremony tickets will cost from 200R$ to 3000R$ which can be booked from various sources.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M