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Rio Olympics 2016 Hockey Teams, Venue, Stats & Top Players

Rio Summer Olympic 2016 are just around the corner. Prior to that all the Hockey fans are excited for the game. Field Hockey is one among the most popular games in the Rio Olympics 2016. Hockey has been among the oldest sport in the Olympics, it debut at in London Olympics 1908. The Field Hockey in Olympics is organized by the International Hockey Federation.

Olympics 2016 Hockey

The field hockey is scheduled to take place between August 7 to August 20. Total of 24 teams will participate in the Field hockey tournament, in which 12 will be of men's and 12 of women's. This will be the twnety-third edition of the men Field Hockey at the Olympics whereas The women's Field hockey will be organized for the tenth time.
Men's Hockey tournament will be played 13 days starting from 8th of August and will continue up to 20 August, Women's Hockey will be Played for 13 days too starting from 7 August. All the matches will be played at Hockey center in Deodro,Brazil.

There has been made several changes in the game after the 2012 London Olympics. The International Hockey Federation had made some changes in the game on 20 March, 2014. Two 35 minutes half has been replaced to four 15 Mimutes quarters, which will have 2 minutes of rest in between all the four quarters. And the half time will be of the duration 15 minutes. The games in the knockout round which result in end in ties will be decided by penalties, as the extratime is not being given since 2013.

Rio Olympics 2016 Hockey Men's Qualified teams : 
India, Germany, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Australia.
Rio olympics 2016 hockey stadium
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Olympics 2016 Hockey Women's Qualified teams :
South korea, China, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, India, Japan, United States, Great Britain, Australia.

All the teams are divided into two groups of six teams each.Three point will be awarded for a win and one point will be awarded for draw.

Rio Summer Olympics Pool-A (Men's) :
Australia, Great britain, Belgium, New zealand, Spain, Brazil.
Rio Summer Olympics Pool-B (Men's) :
Netherland, Germany, Argentina India, Ireland, Canada.

Rio Summer Olympics Pool-A (Women's): 
Netherland, New zealand, China, Geramany, South korea, Spain.
Rio Summer Olympics Pool-B (Women's):
Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, United States, Japan, India.

It should be noted that India holds the highest numbers of the tournament champions titles up to date i.e. 8 times Olympics champions and were unbeatable constantly for 32 years, later which Pakistan broke the consistency.

New Zealand vs Netherlands - Men's Hero Hockey World League Final
The all time top three players of the Olympics tournament are Indians, Udham Singh who played in 1964, 1960 and 1956 Olympics and earned 3 Golds and one silver medal, second is Leslie Claudis who played in 1960, 1956 and 1952 Olympics and also won 3 Golds and one silver medal, andthe third one is Balbir Singh Dosanjh who played 1956, 1952 and 1948 Olympics and won 3 Gold medals. 

This will the the first time when the Field Hockey tournament will be played as a league knockout format. The two semi finalist will play for the gold medal the winner will be awarded the Gold and the runner-up will be awarded Silver, whereas the Semi-final looser will play for the Bronze medal match where the winner will be awarded the Bronze medal . 

Vamsi M

Vamsi M