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Rio Olympics 2016 Basketball, Volleyball, Football & Handball

The games of the XXXI Olympiad or known as Rio Olympics Games 2016, the biggest sporting event on the planet are very close, scheduled to happen from August 5 to August 21 2016. It is estimated that more than 10,500 athletes will take part in the competition. A total of 42 games will be played at the event  in 17 days, 306 medals will be there for competition.

Two new sport has been added to the Rio Olympic Games which are Golf and Rugby.  In Rio Olympics games 2016 there will be 136 Women’s, 161 Men's and  9 Mixed games will there to  compete for.

Rio Olympics Games  will held at four different  areas of the city, they are Barra,  Deodoro, Maracana and Copacabana, and a total of 32 venues. It should be noted that this will be the first Olympic Games in South America. A huge quantity of 7.5 millions ticket has been issued.

Aquatics, Diving, Swimming, Synchronized swimming, Water polo, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Slalom, Sprint, Cycling, BMX, Mountain biking, Road, Track, Equestrian, Dressage, Eventing, Jumping,  Fencing, Field hockey, Football , Golf, Gymnastics, Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Handball, Judo, Modern pentathlon, Rowing, Rugby sevens, Sailing, Shooting, Table tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Beach volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Freestyle and Greco-Roman are the games that will be played at the Rio Olympic Games 2016.

Among these games the four games which are the most popular among the fans are Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Handball.

Rio Olympics 2016 Basketball:

Rio Olympic games will organize Basketball  from 6 of August to 21 August, the knockout matches will (Men’s and Womens’s) will be played at the First hall of the Olympic training centre, Olympic park. The venue has capability to host over 16,000 audience. Fans are very excited for the Basketball games, every team will try to look forward to win the medals. There will be a total of 24 teams 12 of Men’s and 12 of Women’s.

Winners from last Olympic:

Men’s -         United States- 1 Gold medal
                      Spain- 2 Silver medals
                      Russia- 3 Bronze medals
Women’s -    United States- 1 Gold Medal
                     France- 2 Silver Medals
                     Australia- 3 Bronze medals

Olympics Football 2016: Football at the Rio Olympics 2016 will be held between 3 to 20 August. The teams affiliated to the associates  can send the teams to the tournament. Football has an important corner in the heart of the country. 

Football in the Rio Olympics 2016 has an important place in every Brazilian Football fan, its not just a game in Brazil. There will be total 28 teams playing for the medals at the Rio Olympics 2016 in which 16 will be of Men’s and 12 will be of Women’s. there will be restriction to the Men’s team that there can be only 23 players in a team with maximum of three overage players, whereas there will be no such restriction for the Women’s team. Matches will be played at 7 different venues which are Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Arena Corinthians, Mineirão, Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, Arena da Amazônia, Estádio Olímpico João Havelange and Maracanã.

Winner’s from last Olympic:
Champions-          Mexico
Runner Up-           United States
Third -                   South Korea
Fourth-                    Japan
Champions-           United States
Runner up-            Japan
Third-                     Canada
Fourth-                   France

Volleyball 2016 Olympics:  

One more game from among the most popular games at the Rio Olympics 2016. Volleyball has a different craze on the some of the most beautiful beaches of the world. The Volleyball matches will be played between 6  to 21 August. 28 teams will be playing Volleyball and 48 teams will be playing Beach Volleyball, a total of 386 athletes will participate in the event.  Volleyball will be played at  Ginásio do Maracanãzinho at Maracana and the outdoor Beach Volleyball will be played at  Copacabana Beach.

Rio Olympics Handball:  

Olympic Games Rio 2016 will also host Handball. Handball is just another popular game at the Rio Olympics 2016. The Handball games will be held between 6 to 21 August. And the avenue will be Future Arena in the Barra Olympic park.12 medals will be awarded to both the Men’s and Women’s contestents There will be 24 teams to participate among which 12 teams will be of Men’s and 12 teams will be of Women’s.

Winner’s from last Olympic:
Champions-      France
Runner up’s-    Sweden
Third-               Crotia
Fourth-             Hungary

Champions-      Norway
Runner up’s-    Montenegro
Third-               Spain
Fourth-             South Korea

There are plenty of other games which will be played at the Rio Olympics 2016, the tournament will be going to a big event for the Brazilians as this will be the first Olympics in South American country. Wait is just about to over as the event is just arrived at the doorstep. Let’s wish Good luck to the tournament.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M