Friday, July 17, 2009

Vamsi M

Strange Indexing Strategy By Google

Google always does something that looks strange, but interesting. I recently happened to see a change in the way Google is indexing web pages; especially blogs. Let me just explain this idea with a link that will help you understand better.

This is a search wiki link for the keyword and if you can observe the URLS of the top 3 links, you will probably find something different. Yes, its the date in the URL that made the difference. I cannot guarantee that these results will remain the same. So I am also publishing a snap shot of the results that are displayed in Google.
Searchwiki results for

In the first URL i.e google displayed the year when the post is actually published.

Similarly In the second URL i.e you can notice only the year is taken into account and that month value is missing and is replaced by "...".

Similarly in the third link i.e both the month and year values are missing.

Now, after finding this, there are few questions that has been ringing my mind.. and the most expensive questions among them are "Why Google is doing this?", "Is Google trying to filter pages for some reason?". I am not finding answers for any of these questions. Now if you are some body who knows a bit about this please make a comment to let my readers know the actual reason behind this.

Hope you liked this article, any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M