Monday, July 20, 2009

Vamsi M

Not Ranking High In Google Yahoo MSN - Why?

People get's irritated if they find their blog or website not ranking high in top search like Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are lot of factors that effects the SERP rankings of a page and one has the need to understand those factors. Here is a small review that can help you understand search engines much better.

1:New Blog Or Website:
There is nothing strange here, search engines rank new websites very low. They take some time to analyze your website or blog to understand the standards of your blog before ranking then high. So, if you have a new website all you have to do is to concentrate on producing some high quality content to impress search engines.

2:Webmaster Tools:
Major search engine companies use their webmaster tools to analyze your website. Always register yourself, get verified to you site and submit your sitemap to get better results in the search engine rankings.

Major search Engines penalize websites for violating their TOS. Read their TOS carefully and know the reasons for the penalty. Try to rectify your mistake and submit a request to re index your blog or website, most blogs/websites will be re indexed if they succeed in correcting their mistakes.

So these are the some of the possible reasons for not ranking high in search engines. Hope you liked this one, any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M