Monday, July 20, 2009

Vamsi M

22 july 2009 Tsunami - No Says Experts.

The world began to shiver as the predicted date for another tsunami is nearing by, Will there be another tsunami on 22 july 2009. No, says experts. There will be NO Tsunami and there are no scientific evidence that can support the rumor says earthobservatory.

Well the rumor is basically generated from a blog garagegames, and the author also clams that he has no experience in earthquakes and geology. Here is what he had to say in one of his comments..

(I have no experience in earthquakes or geology... I just make video games, and do software consulting) So if my predictions with this theory are wrong.... I'll hang up my earthquake science hat for and the earthquake simulation idea for good.

Lots of Emails and SMS messages are spreading in different parts of the world saying not to stick to the sea shore on 22nd July, as there is a possibility of Tsunami. However, the reason is not alright, people are requested to stay away from the shore as there is solar eclipse on the same day which might cause the tidal waves to raise a meter or above than the normal level, causing no big danger to human lives.

Snopes also clarifies this issue. They say "Scientists who spent their whole lives on earth quakes cannot divine when and where an earthquake can hit."

So don't worry about any dummy Tsunami, Every thing will be alright. However, we still advice you to stay away from sea shore until july30 2009.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M