Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vamsi M

How To Resolve Google Penalty in Your Blog Or Web Site

In my previous article ( Having A Problem With My Blog Internet Tomorrow Need Help ) I asked few people who can help resolve the google penalty to my blog and I got few responses from few of my viewers, and fortunately for me I resolved the issue my self. Here is how I did it.

Google Bots penalizes blogs and websites for many reasons and its important to know the reason why your blog or website is penalized. Most often Google penalize sites that don't follow Google's TOS and that's what happened in my case. Google always wants people to attach a nofollow for external links in one's blog and I forgot to place nofollow to few of my external links. Once I did that I immediately submitted reconsideration request to Google and with in few days Google accepted my reconsideration request and accepted my blog in their Index.

If you have any problem in resolving google penalty issue feel free to contact me. Here is a video that demonstrated how you submit a reconsideration request from google webmaster tools..

Update 17th July 2009:
Recently I Transferred to my new custom domain http://www.itomo.org and few days after changing to the new domain I noticed that my blog is not doing well in the SERP. So immediately I contacted Google webmaster Help where I started a thread stating my problem (Google stopped indexing my blog). They responded to my thread and with in one day my problem is resolved.

So if you have some technical Issues that you cannot trace, I would seriously advice you to visit Google webmaster help forums to find help.

Hope you liked this post any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M