Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vamsi M

England vs India Highlights, ICC T20 Super 8 | Twenty20 World Cup

Well you can find England vs India Highlights right after the match. Here is a small review for England vs India match. Just remember Highlights of the match will be posted here right after the match. The match is taking place as a part of , ICC T20 Super 8 | Twenty20 World Cup England 2009. So here we go for the review.

Really Crucial game for both the teams, who ever wins this game will always have chance to get into the semi finals and who ever looses this one are nearly knocked out of the tournament. So its a do or die game for both the teams.

England are not happy after loosing to SA in their opener. They are really desperate to win this one. You can also expect few changes in the team too. Pakistan succeed in winning the game after getting few new faces into the field and there is no doubt both the teams will get new faces into the team now.

India on the other hand is worried about its opening run scorer. Some body has to fire in the opening 6 overs to get a good score on the board. Rohit Sharma is good choice but I don't think he can fire like sehwag in the opening 6 overs. India is really missing Sehwag and we can see why. Their bowling and fielding is not looking great as well.

Dhoni on the other hand had lot of work to do in this match to prove his character. This is a cracker of game right after today's first match. If you miss this game don't worry just come back to us, we will provide you the highlights of this one right after the match.

Match Highlights View the highlights here and here.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M