Friday, January 23, 2009

Vamsi M

How google ranks a website or a blog

Well that is most often asked question from my friends and that's interesting question to ask too.Google uses different variables to rank a blog or a website.Well to be frank that is really Easy to say but, hard to do.Now let me tell you few variables which will effect the Google rankings.

The first and the most important variable for a website to obtain a good page ranking is to post articles regularly.Articles you post should be really genuine and should not be copy pasted from different websites or blogs online.Don't really trust me then you have to see this post "PR0 To PR4 In Just One Month" to know more.

Keyword Density:This is really crucial to improve your page ranking.Try to restrict your keyword density in between 7 to 10 which is really good.Any density above 10 google considers it as black hat technique.

Well then its time to talk about one more important variable "Back links".Back links is a awesome way to increase your page ranking.If you have a friend whose page rank is really good just get a link that is linked from his site to your's and vice versa.Google really takes care of links that are connected to a highly ranked page.Don't worry if you don't have any friends with high page ranked sites.Just go to high page ranked blogs and make some comments on their post and leave a back link out there which can also help to increase your page rank.

And a final advice for you.Concentrate on the videos and the images in your blog or website rather than just concentrate on the text you are posting.Ranking system is going to change soon, humans will be replaced by the web crawlers.Yes Google search wiki is what i am talking about.See this video for more.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M