Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vamsi M

Tips to become a creative blogger

CreativityLet Me tell you some Tips to become a creative blogger .I Mean today's world is filled with lot of competition and you should be really creative to make your blog really famous and here are some tips for you to become a creative blogger.

To Become creative in any aspect of life, you need to know what is creativity - Right?
Now Let's start with the definition of creativity , Creativity means to do something differently and what you do is entirely upon you, it can be solution to a problem or an idea to solve your personal problem.Now Coming to creative blogging , creative blogging is to blog differently , Now let me give you an example I normally write technical articles and today I want to do some thing different and I want to be little bit creative so I Choose to write an article about creative blogging.

Now How to Become a Creative Blogger:

1:First and the most important point to become a creative blogger is to have some real Good rest to your mind.Sleep well To make your brain really fresh.Some times you get creative ideas in your dreams this is an added advantage.

2:Change your Style and way you writing a blog .I Try to write tech articles most of the time and today I changed myself and I want to do things differently so I started writing articles on general topics, Today creativity and tomorrow may be imagination etc.

3:Keep a Small Notebook with you where ever you go.Trust me your blogging can really improve if you can wrote all the ideas in your notebook that your brain creates at different point of time.

4:Don't force your brain to think creatively and generate creative ideas.Take good time to cannot get creative ideas with out some experience.Take time to generate creative ideas.As time pass by your creative thinking will really improve.

5:Do things you really hate.For blogging read articles you absolutely hate , The real intention is to expose your brain to as many New things as possible.If you hate some thing you generally don't read that article and obviously you will have 0% idea about that article.So try to read articles you hate and don't like and you generally read articles you like and you have double advantage.

6:Try to solve a problem in multiple ways.I mean generate multiple ideas to solve a problem.People generally follow the first idea they get to solve any problem , its time to be creative so try to generate multiple solutions for a single problem and then go for the quality idea that you generated among the multiple ideas you generated and the real intention of this point is to allow your brain to think to generate ideas.You can visit IDEO to fine some great ideas.

7:And last But not the least don't put off if your ideas fail at first.Try and try until you win you remember ,Edison tried 6000 filaments before perfecting the electric light bulb.Always remember Failure Breeds success.

I hope you liked this article any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M


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I wanted to just add, comment on others blogs. If they take time to write it, thats the least you can do.
Also bloggers dont always have to write the great gatsby or a nobel piece prize article. To keep blog updated you can write a few lines about what u r doing or whats on your mind. One of my blogs received alot of comments, I wrote I was craving hersheys new candy corn kisses. I wasnt even expecting response on that one either.
Nice article.

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