Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vamsi M

How To Hide Cd Or Dvd Rom In Microsoft Windows

Do you know How To Hide Cd Or DVD Rom In Microsoft Windows if your answer is No then its time to see this small tip which will help you to hide your CD drive or DVD drive from you PC.

Well I was trying to hide my CD ROM from my PC and found no information online about this issue.At last a friend of mine explained me how to do that.To be frank I know how to hide my CD drive when I was in my engineering first year studies and time passed by and I forgot how to do that.So here we go...

Just go to my computer ( windows + E (short cut)) to visit My computer and right click on the CD Drive you want to hide and select properties.

Once you Click properties you can see window with DVD/CD-RW DRIVE PROPERTIES.Under that select hardware and select on the CD ROM you want to hide and click on properties.Once you click on properties another window with ROM Properties appears.You can find device usage at the bottom of the donnot use this device and click ok.

You can notice your CD drive disappeared.To reactivate or get the CD Drive back just right click on any of your hard drives and follow the same procedure to activate the CD ROM.
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Vamsi M

Vamsi M