Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vamsi M

Clicktale A website to track your visitors

Here is a website (Clicktale) that can track your visitors.There are lot websites like Google Analytics , Mybloglog that tracks your websites here is one more in that collection.ClickTale refers to itself as being “in-page web analytics” which measures keystrokes, scrolling and movement of the mouse.And the good news is that Clicktale has free account creation.

Now here we go after registering for free account you will be asked to generate script for the project which include:

1:Percentage of of website visitors that you would you like to record.

2:Number of unique visitors per day does your website receive.

3:average number of pageviews per visitor.
Once you fill out this information , Jave script is generated and you can quickly add your script to blogger and Typepad.

You can also search for the results generated , You can also filter you search based on Date ,Page views ,Referral URL and many more.There is also option to save your search results.You can also find the clicktale support forums where the support teams answers your questions.Hope you liked this post any suggestions and comments are welcome.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M


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