Monday, August 25, 2008

Vamsi M

How to write a blog? | Blog Post Tips

How to write a blog? Hear are some tips for new blogger 's .Tips to write a blog which can attract people and make people stick your new posts.Let me share with you my experience How to write a blog.

Hear We go blogging is never easy. You need to find latest articles which people need and present them in your blog , and hear is one of the most important point that should be noted by each and every blogger.

Make your post short and sweet

Lets Know more about this point.Always be straight, always make sure that you directly go to the point with out any stupid content in the post.Always remember "Some thing is better than nothing But , Nothing is better than Nonsense".So tell the point directly with out any stupid content in your blog post , by following this you will make the post short and sweet.

Relevant Links in the post

Blog Post Looks Great If you have relevant links in your blog.No matter where are links are directed to.Always try to have some links directed to your own blog with relevant content in the links you provide.If you cannot give any relevant links just leave your post with out any links.

SEO(Search engine optimization)

Always make sure that your blog has better SEO when compared to other blogs.Try to link you blog to good blog directories and social bookmarking sites to have good Back links.

These are the top three points that should be taken into account while making a blog post.Hope you liked it.Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. Great Blog Content Tips.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M