Monday, July 28, 2008

Vamsi M

Video email

Video email What is it? Video email is an email where you can attach a video link to your email and you can send it to your destination email id with high security to your video.

Now hear comes the question why should i use video email.Yes that's a great question and i can tell you why.It take 10 minutes of text typing to convey the message of 1 minute video.That means it takes lot of time to type a text to convey a message where as a video takes just one minute so this is the main advantage of this video email.

Now How to send a video emails?

As i can tell you sending Video emails needs an account like you need to create an account for sending a video email any video email service that is free is either a spam or Not secure. So you need to register for a good video email service that suites your needs like this one.

Now hear are the features of the service
1:Cheapest of all services and the best.
2:You can allow the user to view your video any number of times you need.Like you can allow you recipient to view the video only once.
3:You can view the ip address of the person viewing the video.
4:Allow video download or you can restrict the user.

And hear ends the presentation and all types of comments are welcome

Vamsi M

Vamsi M