Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vamsi M

How to make my web site better? Tips and Tricks

Well this is one of the most often asked question "How to make my web site better? " and hear some Tips and Tricks to make your web site have a better look and feel.

The tips include SEO and getting your site indexed and improving the look of your web site.Read all tips and tricks to get better results.

1:Any web site you design make sure that the web site is not empty fill each and every page with sufficient content and use links and images to keep visitors stick to your web site.

2:Always have opposite color to the links like if you are using web site with background color as black then your link should be red or radium or dark blue which will make your web site rich.

3:Have a cool design.I mean it is design of your web site which keeps the visitors to stick to your web site and have colorful images and rich links to your web site.

4:Use webmaster tools to get your site in to google search engine.

5:Always have better ad placement where visitors can view your ads clearly.

6:Use some Seo tips for better performance of your site.

Vamsi M

Vamsi M