Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vamsi M

How to index my blog or website in google and yahoo

Well this might be a very big question in most of the blog spot and wordpress publishers and many more Now hear are some cool tricks to get your blog or site get indexed in google,yahoo and other major search engines.Now hear we go to start the process.

Well i have seen many people wondering to get their blog or site indexed with out making their own content they just copy content from other sites and paste it in their blog so this is what is the first mistake they do.Don't ever never copy content from other websites and paste it in your blog. Have your own content and your site will definatelt get indexed in google, yahoo and other search engines.

Second thing is that you need to add some text links to the post or the website you publish each day so that search engines take them as a positive aspect to index your site.And then after getting the post published in your blogger or word press you need to submit them in google add url, yahoo add url ,like that then the chances of getting your site indexed always increases.

So just have your own content and with good number of link section in your blog and submit you site in major search engines get your blog or site indexed.

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Vamsi M

Vamsi M