Friday, May 9, 2008

Vamsi M

How to improve my search engine blog rankings

This is biggest Question after getting your site or blog indexed Now After Looking At the Previous post you can Notice That's Not Tough to get your site or blog indexed In google or yahoo or any other search engine.Its always easy to get your site indexed Until your content is your's and its not taken from some other site.Now Hear are some tips to increase your site or blog rankings.Join This Blog Directory where you get lot of traffic its a yahoo based site so if you have yahoo mail id you can login to this.

Hear we go First and the important thing to improve your page rankings is your content and that should be very clean and neat with out any useless stuff as that you get some traffic.The Post Header And Title Tag in the code section of your web page is also very vary important so take a clear look at them.And next Update your content daily as or as regularly as possible that's one of the main reason to improve your page rankings.

Have true links connected to your site and that too less in number don't get more text links few are enough.Comments play a major role in getting your site better rankings than before so try to have a good content so that the users comment on your post or website.Back links are very very important have a look at the blog and site directories Hear is a list of blog and site directories which will get you more traffic and so your rankings improve.

Make Good Use of google webmaster tools which will help you improve your rankings.And Make Good Friends in site or Blog Directories so that you get good number of comments in your blog.So thanks for reading this article.
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Vamsi M

Vamsi M


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nice to read. I liked the word...Original Content pays later. It is true.

nice work.